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From Gem Lab to the Sky


Jewelry Navigator was inspired by a blend of jewelry and travel careers.



As a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America, I’ve worked in a gem lab and a variety of jewelry stores.

In between, I was as a flight attendant for a commercial airline. I’ve had the privilege of traveling to new places and meeting people from all over.

Soon after starting a family, I grounded my aviation career, and when ready, returned to working in the retail jewelry sector.

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What You’ll find here

I appreciate all jewelry, but the jewelers and artists I discover and share through Jewelry Navigator create with freedom from commercial limitations.

Jeweler and designer, Paul Bierker encourages shoppers to show their geek side with Sci-Fi inspired designs. Pictured: Star Trek’s Enterprise inspired ring. Click here to shop.

Indie jewelry artists featured with Jewelry Navigator bring design and material elements together that resonate with a shopper’s unique style so they can stand out from conventional jewelry selections.

watermelon tourmaline earrings in rose gold
California Girl Jewelry-an all female, and mother-daughter owned business, creates beautiful and affordable luxury jewelry, like these watermelon tourmaline earrings, set in 18kt rose gold with diamonds.


Independent jewelers typically have more opportunities to practice sustainable values that benefit people and environment, from mine to market.


jewelry from recycled cars
Christi Schimpke of CRASH Jewelry, creates eco-friendly jewelry from luxury cars. The cuff bracelet featured is from a 2015 Tesla Model S. CRASH Jewelry also contributes to a variety of charitable causes.


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Jewelry Navigator Itinerary

  • Features that introduce shoppers to basic jewelry and design concepts, helping to make the search and selection of jewelry a seamless delight.
  • Year round tips for jewelry care
  • Shopping guides to jewelry stores, virtual and actual
  • A presentation of jewelry selections, from trendy to traditional

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Take a look around-we’re always updating with new discoveries.

Is there something you’re hoping to find? A dream design you just haven’t found yet?

Reach out and let me know-I can help!

You can email me, or find me on Instagram @jewelrynavigator, and Twitter @jewelrynavig8r

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