About Jewelry Navigator

Inspired by a blend of jewelry and travel,

I started Jewelry Navigator as a way to share unique jewelry crafted by independent jewelers and artists you don't see in the commercial realms.

From Rocks to Gems & Jewelry

I've always been entranced by jewelry and gems, so it was no surprise when I wanted to learn more about where and how they form.

After receiving my geology degree from the University of Florida, I went on to earn a Graduate Gemology diploma from the Gemological Institute of America.

Since then, I've worked in gem labs and jewelry stores across the country, which has given me a unique angle to what shoppers want as styles and values change over time.

Travel & Treasures

From an accumulation of almost twenty years of jewelry experience, and a broader understanding of the world’s diversity as a professional airline attendant, I enjoy showcasing discoveries of unique jewelry and rare gems through this website and blog, as well as a coordinating podcast, found on iTunes – the Jewelry Navigator Podcast.

Revealing Discoveries

What I've found is a sort of subculture of jewelers, artists and designers who detour from commercial trends to serve the interests of shoppers who want to stand out with unique jewelry.

On the flip side, by sharing these talented artists and their innovative and beautiful jewelry, you support small businesses, AND get to shop for and wear jewelry most people won't have or find!

Below is a selection of unique jewelry from a few of my favorite designers, who've been featured in blog posts – so be sure to check out their stories, which you can find here, or on the page, Jewelry Blog & News.

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