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Jewelry Navigator guides consumers to unique, quality jewelry through informative platforms sharing stories of gemstones, jewelry, independent jewelers, and designers.

This year has been full of change and unknowns for both consumers and small business owners.

While mandates associated with the pandemic have been challenging, joyful life events are stable reminders for celebration.

September 15, 2020


Knowing these setbacks are temporary, we realize moving forward is imperative.

A renewed mindset prompted us to follow the mission of Jewelry Navigator to connect consumers to excellent small and independent jewelry businesses, which is especially critical as we approach the holiday shopping season.

Typically, trade and jewelry shows guide shoppers and merchants to the latest jewelry finds, but with gathering restrictions, most shows and events are on hold.

To boost efforts of connection and discovery, we’re in the process of creating a directory of jewelers, designers, and merchants so consumers can reach out directly.

For access to the Jewelry Navigator Directory, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Jewelry Navigator Podcast

Jewelry Navigator Podcast has been on summer hiatus, and is preparing for the new season, starting with a visit with Jenny McHugh, founder of Campbell and Charlotte Jewelry, available Thursday, September 17.

Jewelry Navigator Directory
Connect directly to a community of American jewelry and accessory artists, designers, and small businesses.