A Story With Purpose

Inspired by a blend of jewelry and travel,

Jewelry Navigator began as a calling to share unique jewelry crafted by independent jewelers and artists.

Rocks, Gems & Jewelry

From geologist to Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America, Brenna, founder of Jewelry Navigator,  has worked in gem labs and jewelry stores across the country.

Travel Treasures

Intrigued by travel, Brenna enjoyed a short career as a professional airline attendant.

Returning to the jewelry industry with a broader understanding of the world’s diversity, Jewelry Navigator draws on 20 years of jewelry experience to guide shoppers to jewelry that reflects their unique style.

Serving Challenges & Changing Values

Changing values have affected purchasing priorities with a combination of interests, like:

  • buying U.S. made goods
  • supporting small business
  • using sustainable and fair trade practices and materials
  • businesses giving back to cause and community
  • collaboration for customized designs

Jewelry Navigator strives to share the discoveries of unique jewelry calibrated to the values and desires of selective shoppers seeking jewelry beyond commercial selections.

Revealing Discoveries

It's our pleasure and purpose to discover and share jewelry created when design and material elements combine to create unique styles that stand out.

Below is a selection of unique jewelery from a few of our favorite designers:

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