About Brenna

About Brenna – The Jewelry Navigator


I'm Brenna Pakes – jewelry crazed Graduate Gemologist, and passionate seeker of excellent unique jewelry, who advocates for the indie jewelers and designers who create it!

From Rocks to Gems & Jewelry

After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in geology, I continued on to the Gemological Institute of America, where I earned my Graduate Gemologist credentials.

From there, I've worked in gem labs and jewelry stores across the country.

Travel Treasures

I've always been intrigued by travel, and within my first few years within the jewelry industry, I took a career hiatus, and flew for a major commercial airline.

Returning to the jewelry industry with a broader understanding of the world’s diversity,  Jewelry Navigator allows me to draw on nearly 20 years of experience to guide shoppers to jewelry that reflects their unique style.

Changing Values

A changing climate in our shopping priorities shows a trend toward healthier values and choices, like:

    • Supporting small and local businesses
    • A focus on using sustainable and fair trade practices and materials
    • Contributing to businesses that give back to causes and their communities.
  • Collaboration for custom design jewelryAppreciation for artisan craftsmanship

Celebrating Unique Jewelry

I'm so excited to share the unique jewelry and super talented designers I've discovered so far, and look forward to future opportunities to share more!

Below are some of my favorite and first designers I featured.

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