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Inspired by a blend of jewelry and travel,

I started Jewelry Navigator as a way to share unique jewelry crafted by independent jewelers and artists you don't see in the commercial realms.



Revealing Discoveries

I share a sort of subculture of jewelers, artists and designers who detour from commercial trends so you can wear jewelry that celebrates what makes you unique!

Above is a selection of unique jewelry from a few of my favorite designers, who've either  been featured in blog posts or podcasts – so be sure to check out their stories, which you can find on the Jewelry Blog & News page, and, you can listen to the podcast through the links to the left, or click here to be directed to the podcast on iTunes.

From Rocks to Gems & Jewelry

After receiving my geology degree from the University of Florida, I went on to earn a Graduate Gemology diploma from the Gemological Institute of America.

Since then, I've worked in gem labs and jewelry stores across the country, which has given me a unique angle to what shoppers want as styles and values change over time.


Travel & Treasures

Through a mix of retail, lab and travel experience, I enjoy showcasing discoveries of unique jewelry and rare gems with a podcast, blog and through social media.

From an intermittent career as a flight attendant, and a continued love of travel and exploration, I have fun with an air travel theme, and a broader understanding of the world’s diversity.

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