Alison Nagasue Jewelry

Alison Nagasue is a versatile and talented jewelry artist with an impressive resume’ of experience.

While her jewelry has been featured on large venues, like QVC, and the Home Shopping Network, her designs resonate with those who want to stand out with unique design and gem combinations.

I’m honored and thrilled to offer Alison Nagasue’s fine and distinctive jewelry in the Jewelry Navigator Shop!

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Description details of the Color Pop Rings

Color Pop Rings Featured in the Gallery Above From Top to Bottom:

Gingko Leaf Ring, set with green tsavorite garnet, in 18kt green gold, $1850
Item AKN-R-22
Aspen Leaf Ring, set with purple rhodolite garnet, in 18kt green gold, $1850
Item AKN-R-27
Starfish Ring, set with orange spessartite garnet, in 18kt green gold, $1850
Item AKN-R-26
Hexagon rhodolite garnet, 18kt green gold, $1850
Item  R-25NB
Bee Ring, set with hexagon rhodolite garnet, in 18kt green gold, $1850
Item AKN-R-25

About Alison Nagasue

Alison Nagasue is influenced by several factors which she incorporates into the designs of the brand Alison Nagasue AKN fine jewelry collection:

  • She uniquely uses 18K Green Gold which pairs beautifully with all skin tones. Envisioning her collection to be enjoyed and collected by professional stylish women, Alison will preview her jewelry in independent jewelry stores and galleries in the US, Australia, and Japan. Her quality, craftsmanship, design and materials are of the highest level. All designs are copyrighted with her trademark AKN.
  • The core collection of Gingko leaves is a timeless personal expression of her respect and fondness of Japanese culture where the Gingko is revered in art, society and even culinary areas. Alison loves the feminine fan shape and texture of the leaf which represents durability and natural beauty. The gingko has outlasted most tree species and survives all obstacles, traits that are aspirational.
  • Chainmail Power Bracelet collection introduced in 2018 is a concept that Alison revisited from her graduate school days. Representing strength, independence, protection, armor and sensuality, the wearing of chainmail is unforgettable. It wraps around your wrist with softness, warmth and the experience of sensations. Using either Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel combined with yellow gold, diamonds and gemstones, a unique look is achieved that combines current style with historical armor.
  • Nature plays a central role in the themes Alison uses in her collection. She is passionate about creating jewelry that is distinctive in her use of texture (gingko leaf has texture on both sides), soft satin finish with polished highlights, contrasting intense color stone accents and the sparkle of diamonds and a Zen simplicity in style. Alison is innovative in her directions, always experimenting, bringing the best concepts to fruition for her clients. 
  • A veteran designer and product developer with over 25 years experience based in NYC, Alison has been the recipient of 10 design awards including Diamonds International Awards-DeBeers, World Gold Council, WJA Diva Dazzle, International Gold and recently an Emerging Designer at Centurion 2017. She has appeared on QVC (selected by World Gold Council) as a guest designer, HSN (with AKN Silver) and Shop Channel Tokyo (AKN Diamond). Alison is also a mentor, adjunct professor and Jewelry Design Competition faculty manager at FIT.