Be Your Own Valentine First

As parents, business owners.  students, and employees, we’re constantly giving and doing for others, so this week, I want to talk about loving ourselves and doing something you love.

I’m reminding all of us that returning to an interest, and shopping for yourself are not selfish and indulgent.

I indulged in one of these activities that involved a flight and day trip-to New York City!

Before Christmas, I received an invitation to a relatively new jewelry exposition event.

Since 2016, Metal and Smith has been revealing the treasures from the studios and jewelers benches of small indie designers and artists. (JUST the people I want to see and share!)

From jeweled birds to glowing rocks, frogs and love tokens, I found the stories of these artists entrancing and endearing, and am excited to share what I found.

As women, we’re usually the facilitators of love.

A kiss on the head of a distraught child, a hug of encouragement for a friend are ways we show love and compassion.

Photo by Kara Allyson, click on the photo for a link to tips on how to love ourselves more.

We need to remember to love ourselves, so we have what we need to offer others. Reminders from Tiny Buddha’s Erin Lanahan will nudge you in the right direction.

Racing in the Right Direction

I have perfect examples of women who are driven (hint, hint!) by what they do, and create gifts that reach farther than what they imagined.

I can’t wait to share more with you, but for now, I’m off to save shoppers from jewelry despair!

Watch for a full post later this week!

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