Caution-Cool Jewelry for Gifts!

You know the commercials.

They expectantly open a small, wrapped box, and inside are keys. They dash outside to a snowy driveway, and are thrilled by their new luxury car wrapped in a big red bow.

photo-Lexus Motors, from Car Guru blog

We all wish that would happen one year, but until your big bow moment happens, get as close to the car of your dreams by wearing it.

CRASH Jewelry created from luxury cars, transforms parts from slightly damaged parts into jewelry that will make you feel your dream car is waiting in your garage.

CRASH Jewelry, Made in Los Angeles by Christi Schempke and her team of jewelry “mechanics”, is created from luxury and high performance cars like Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Audi, Tesla, and more.

Visit at, and on instagram @CRASHJewelry.

What’s your dream car? What would you want to wear or drive?

Brenna Pakes

I share a world of unique jewelry created by independent jewelers and designers with shoppers and readers.

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