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Jewelry Navigator is creating a revised shopping platform and Consumer Directory.

Jewelry Navigator Shop

The Renovated Jewelry Navigator Shop will be dynamic to reflect current topics and guests featured on Jewelry Navigator Podcast.

Shop from a selection of jewelry created by designers and guests featured on Jewelry Navigator PodcastComing Soon!

Jewelry Navigator Shop will feature jewelry, storage and care items, as well as educational and informative products through E- Books and Online Courses.

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Projected Arrival date for Jewelry Navigator Shop: February 2020

Jewelry Navigator Directory

We’re developing a directory to connect consumers directly to designers and retailers for their jewelry wishes and needs.

Jewelry Navigator’s purpose is supporting jewelry designers and small jewelry businesses.

We feature designers and jewelers who create high quality and unique jewelry to tell their clients’ stories with beauty and luxury.

Serving With Purpose

Often, consumers don’t know where to go, or who to trust for jewelry designs, and jewelry care needs.

Jewelry Navigator is preparing a Directory of small jewelry businesses, like those featured on Jewelry Navigator Podcast.

Jewelry Navigator Directory will expand consumers’ horizons, and grow the reach of small designers beyond their current clientele. 

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Projected Arrival Date for Jewelry Navigator Directory: March 2020

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