CRASH Jewelry Gets the Green Light for Unique, Sustainable Jewelry From Luxury Cars

Creating sustainable jewelry from minimally damaged parts of luxury cars is the muse behind Christi Schimpke’s CRASH Jewelry designs.

This April, we’ll celebrate the 47th annual Earth Day. We’ve come a long way from school paper drives and soda pop top collections. Christi combines her artistic instincts and metalsmith skills to redesign auto scrap into beautiful jewelry with purpose.

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From hoods, doors, and side panels of exotic and luxury cars destined for scrapyards, Christi coaxes and reshapes the original car parts into masterful pieces of jewelry.

According to Schupan & Sons, a recycling company in Kalamazoo, Michigan, we recycle over 250 billion pounds of scrap metal annually. That’s the weight of over 70 million cars!

While doing her share to help in the recycle, reuse, repurpose cycle, Christi graciously shared time in her busy schedule to visit with me by phone. Learning the story behind her jewelry was like a joyride!

Jewelry by Accidents

From her formal art history background, Christi shifted to metal smithing and jewelry fabrication.

Since moving her jewelry studio to her husband’s auto body shop (her supply of material), Christi has been transforming luxury auto parts into fashion statement jewelry.

Wide cuff bracelets with rivet detailing from your choice of luxury cars, earrings from the fender of a high performance Lamborghini in Rosso Vik (their signature red), earrings from the hood of a Porsche 911 Carrera, and cufflinks from Teslas are just a few examples from the creative garage of CRASH Jewelry.

jewelry made from cars ferrari

Limited edition cuff bracelet made from a Ferrari 360 Challenge car, $165; click here for the full story!


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Tesla cuff bracelet set with Fordite, material formed by layers of car paint, then polished and fashioned into cabochon style stones, doubles its sustainability appeal, $388.










Experimenting with the uncharted behavior of the painted metals of cars, Christi often adds gemstones to her pieces.

CRASH Jewelry Makes Statements Beyond Fashion

The innovative designs of CRASH Jewelry from discarded luxury vehicle repair parts are unique jewelry accessories to celebrate and support sustainability in our every day lives.

Besides sparing the environment from damaged car parts, CRASH Jewelry donates a portion of  sales to authenticated causes and charities.

For instance, a portion of the Paws for a Cause cuff bracelets goes to The Rescue Train or the animal charity of your choice.

Created from a red Tesla Model S P85D, a blue or black Tesla Model S, a mint green Fiat 500, or a gray BMW, paws are engraved into the car paint cuffs to create contrasting silver paw prints. They will also engrave your pet’s name, or a customized message.


Among the other worthy causes Christi supports with the help of CRASH Jewelry are Feral Cat Caretakers’ Coalition, The Rescue Train, Action Against Hunger, American Heart Association, Artists for Charity, National Breast Cancer Organization, National Kidney Foundation, Raising A Reader, The Sea Shepherd, and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Driving Designs for Sustainable Jewelry

red cuff bracelet

Range Rover and Porche Cuff, from a Range Rover Autobiography and a white Porsche Carrera, punctuated by a brass strip with copper rivets, $206.

You can find Christi and her CRASH Jewelry online, here, as well as in select shops and boutiques, and at occasional L.A. local venues, like The Brewery Art Walk April 29th-30th, 2017, in Studio 622.

Contact her for scheduled shows and appearances.





Gift occasions and reasons to add CRASH Jewelry to your styles and seasons:

The traditional 6th wedding anniversary gift is iron and steel for the 11th.

Cufflinks from a Tesla or Ferrari make handsome and unique gifts for graduates, dads, grooms, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Cool cuffs add an edge of dimension and style in every season.
Jewelry gifts for the woman who has everything.

Reasons to give or get CRASH Jewelry:

-Driver’s Ed Graduation
-Instead of a new car
-With a new car
-Speeding ticket?
-I’m sorry I crashed/damaged your car
-Just because it’s so cool, and made from really fast cars!

Why CRASH Jewelry is exceptional:

-Supports sustainability
– Makes charitable and community contributions
-Female artist and female owned business
-Made in U.S.
-Uniquely compelling
-Budget friendly designer jewelry

CRASH Jewelry


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