You’re onboard Jewelry Navigator Episode 11, Chips are for Lunch,they’re not diamonds, and other helpful tips to

shop with confidence and understand what you already have.


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What makes metals used in jewelry better than just regular metal, and is one better than another?


If it looks like gold, then it is, right?


What is gold and silver plated jewelry, and what’s the difference from actual gold?


What about the gemstones – are there really ones more precious than

others to be called semi-precious?


If the diamonds set in halo and on the sides of jewelry are small, are they even diamonds or are the just small pieces of diamond chips?


And speaking of diamonds if you didn’t know already like almost to every gemstone, diamonds are now being lab created or man-made in labs in just a few weeks rather than millions of years.


These are some of the challenges shoppers face to distinguish the difference between fine and fashion jewelry that I’ll be sharing with you today on Chips are for Lunch, Not Diamonds and Other Helpful Jewelry Tips.


Jewelers and designers featured in this podcast are:

R. Simantov

Everyday Luxury NYC

Thesis Gems

Jules Row

Crash Jewelry

Griffin Designs

California Girl Jewelry


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