Episode 12 Modern Day Faberge’ Like Jewelry Treasures and Creations of R. Simantov With Ruebin Simantov

Summoning lost skills and techniques through abandoned tools Reubin Simantov accepts challenges most jewelers trade for the modern technology of CAD-CAM assisted jewelry manufacturing.

Insistent that clients and customers observe and respect the time, attention and thought put into every custom piece, he will often discourage clients who expect delivery before the estimated completion date.

Those who understand the energy and resources needed for his level of creativity wait patiently, sometimes several months before the commissioned pieces are completed.

While behind the scenes, Simantov and his workshop wait for the perfect stone for each piece, and use nature as inspiration as guides.

Not only is his jewlery created from layers of observation and attention,  but the combinations of materials often make them even more exceptional.

Gun metal steel inlaid with 24kt gold, carved obsidian (volcanic glass), and hidden mechanical works that conceal charming and surreal surprises are just a few of the trademarks of R. Simantov.

Recalling and recreating the delight from lost technique from artists like Faberge’, Reubin Simantov reunites his clients and admirers with a deep appreciation and respect for the highest levels of craftsmanship that capture multiple senses, emotions and dimensions in each of his jewelry creations.

Join me in learning about R. Simantov, his jewelry creations, and what sets him apart by transcending trends and traditions.

To see his jewelry, visit @R_Simantov on Instagram, his website rsimantov.com, or his studio in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Brenna Pakes

I share a world of unique jewelry created by independent jewelers and designers with shoppers and readers.

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