Episode 14 The Virtues of Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry With Samantha Jackson

Episode 14 The Virtues of Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry With Samantha Jackson


Samantha Jackson, founder of Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry, joins us in the Jewelry Navigator Boarding Lounge today.


Born and raised in New Orleans, Samantha explains how collections with names like Rebirth, Audubon, Carnival, Celestial, Garden District, Spirits, and Voodoo,are inspired from the nature, history and culture of the region.


I first met Samantha and her jewlery line, Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry, at the Metal and Smith 2018 Winter Edit in NYC, and have been hooked ever since.


Using vintage accents, like antique love tokens (originally coins that are burnished on one or both sides, then engraved with significant dates, monograms and secret messages), and an unusual combinations of design and gems, Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry reveals  how we strive to connect meaning between what and who is significant in our lives.


Inspired by jewelry since a child, Samantha connects jewelry to a virtuous purpose beyond appreciation and ornamentation, and is evident in her purpose for starting Heavenly Vices.


Samantha contributes effort between her busy work and home life, along with profit from Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry towards plans to eliminate roadblocks to the necessary steps and provisions to eliminate pet and animal over population.


You can find Heavenly Vices Jewelry at heavenlyvicesfinejewelry.com

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