Sugary and Yummy Chocolate Gemstones and Jewelry

Today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

And with that, I thought I’d help celebrate with Sugary and Yummy Chocolate Gemstones and Jewelry.

Many gem minerals form in every color, from clear, or colorless to black.

The cause of color is due to the presence or introduction of what are called impurities, which are other minerals or elements that have invaded the crystal structure during formation.

In the case of brown minerals, it’s usually iron (Fe), Chromium (Cr), and Copper (Cu) that are the elements to cause the warm hues of browns from soft and muted like creamy coffee to rich and spicy reddish browns like spinel, garnet, and sunstone.

Everyone’s familiar with Smokey Quartz (not to be confused as topaz – many people don’t realize they’re totally different gems, with the natural warm browns and peachy tones of topaz gems being rather rare and many times more valuable than the brown variety of quartz.)

Alexander of Nick aka @gemcarver01 on Instagram creates gem art he facets and carves into gem sculpture.

Here is Nick’s description from his Instagram post; you can find it on his feed @gemcarver01, as well as on mine, @jewelrynavigator.

One recently that looks like it’s morphing from an angular, well behaved, faceted gemstone into its wild side counter part, flaring out into a cascade of carved stone, all from the same crystal, exhibiting two shades of brown.

Nick has a shop on Etsy, called Alexander’s Jewel Store; there’s a link above in the mention of his Instagram feed.

Below is a visual delicacy of rich, delicious gems, all showcasing brown hues from the cool side of the spectrum to the warm side.

Don’t forget your spoon- Enjoy!

Rich Peach Pink Tourmaline Fancy Cut 3.27 ct. – MdMaya Gems
Brown Imperial Topaz convertible brooch/pendant with over 10 ct topaz and over 10 cts diamonds, Ouro Preto Mines or Minas Gerais, Brazil, by California Girl Jewelry
Hugo Kohl revives styles from the past, making them new; above is a selection of sweet, chocolatey cabochon stones bezel set in his engraved settings.
Magnificent Rich Orange – Red Spinel. Cushion Cut. 1.22 ct. – MdMaya Gems
8.3 ct rutilated topaz set in 18kt yellow gold, accompanied by .60ct diamonds on a triple split shank ring, by California Girl Jewelry

Here’s more description for California Girl Jewelry about the ring and stone above:

“This gorgeous ring is crafted expertly of 14K solid yellow gold. This rare gemstone has been (fancy) cut in a modified baguette cut. The rutilated topaz is surrounded by round-cut, sparkling diamonds for a brilliant statement. We designed the setting with a triple band of beautiful, high quality full cut diamonds (each one has 57 facets).

Cocktail party trivia: You may have heard of Rutilated Quartz. Rutilated Quartz has ‘gold’ or copper needles that grow inside the gemstone. These needles are comprised of titanium dioxide. The rutile needles in much rarer Rutilated Topaz are comprised of yellow ochre – the same pigment that is used in oil paint.”

I’ve featured California Girl Jewelry in several posts.
They’re a mother – daughter operated jewelry boutique, and full service jeweler in San Francisco.

Also, they serve CHAMPAGNE to their customers and clients in their boutique in downtown San Francisco, at 833 Market Street, Suite #621!

-photo Alex Sky, Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons

California Girl Jewelry is also featured as a guest in the Jewelry Navigator Boarding Lounge on the Jewelry Navigator Podcast, Champagne, Rare Gemstones and Jewelry With Denise Forbes of California Girl Jewelry  – take a listen to their story – I LOVE how they educate shoppers about so many beautiful gemstones that are usually never featured in standard jewelry stores.

Honey zircon ring, California Girl Jewelry
Ice Cream Sandwich!Three cognac brown diamonds (1.10ct total) sandwiched between four white diamonds (.40ct total wt.), California Girl Jewelry


Take a look and listen yourself!
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California Girl Jewelry
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