Jewelry is a Beautiful Science

If jewelry were a science, it would be the most beautiful science!

In some ways, jewelry is a science. Gemstones are minerals, and precious metals are a science on their own. The angles used in faceting gemstones involves plenty of scientific skill.


This post is dedicated to the dawning of the newest in jewelry science. Design tools and technique, like 3D printing and CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design-Computer Aided Manufacturing) are allowing jewelers and artists to take designs from concept to jewelry without cumbersome casting equipment.

Enjoy this brief, but exciting tour of a few designers who are making their mark with unique and creative design.

Star Wars inspired engagement ring, Paul Michael Design

Paul Michael Bierker is one of the most talented designers and jewelers I've come across. Not taking himself too seriously, he creates jewelry with a range of creativity from whimsical to traditional, often using 3D printing technologies.

You can find him at, and shop from his site here. (this is an affiliate link, which means if you should purchase an item from this site, I will earn a small commission at no charge to you.)

sterling silver pink topaz earrings
Sterling silver white and pink topaz earrings, by Doug Bucci.
silver rabbit bracelet
Charming and clever Sterling silver “Chasing Rabbits” bracelet, by Artur Dabrowski of Multiply Like Rabbits, $180

These architecturally inspired cufflinks are edgy and functional.


You can find the cufflinks on Cffs store on Etsy.

We'll be back in the future with more discoveries of 3D printed jewelry!

We'll also show you how the technologies from 3D printed jewelry can apply to antique jewelry as well!