Jewelry Celebrations for December

Jewelry Celebrates More Than Just Giving



We’ve almost successfully navigated through the year! It’s time to celebrate and appreciate the people closest to us.

If you’re a December baby, you are indeed a lucky duck! There are three beautiful gems to celebrate your birthday: tanzanite, blue zircon, and turquoise.

To celebrate, I’m kicking off the month with jewelry created by female designers, set with December’s birthstones, by Lindsay Jane Designs and California Girl Jewelry.

As the momentum builds, you’ll see there’s a theme to my posts, but as a creative who is easily distracted by sparkly things, I’ll continue to sprinkle posts featuring December’s three birthstones-enjoy this beautiful month – and as crazy as it can be, love on your peeps to keep grounded!


…to be continued with tanzanite jewelry by California Girl Jewelry!




Brenna Pakes

I share a world of unique jewelry created by independent jewelers and designers with shoppers and readers.

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