Jewelry Navigator Podcast

Jewelry Navigator Podcast Shares Jewlery Tips and Stories

The Jewelry Navigator Podcast is a podcast with jewelry tips and stories to connect shoppers to jewelers and designers for jewelry that stands out, and celebrates what makes you unique.

I started Jewelry Navigator Podcast in March 2018 to share discoveries of jewelry artists and designers who create outside commercial trends with high standards of quality and integrity.

Thier stories are inspiring and intruguing, and add to the appeal of their jewelry designs.

Jewelry Navigator Podcast  Listhen to on the go Jewelry News and Helpful Jewelry Tips.

I'm selective with the jewelry and designers featured on the podcast, and mostly feature American designers to guide more shopping dollars and artisan interest back to the States.

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Hi! I'm Brenna, The Jewelry Navigator. As a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America, and having worked in the retail jewelry sector for close to twenty years, I've seen the challenges and frustrations you encounter shopping for and caring for your jewelry, and wanted to do something to help. Seeing the viewpoints from both sides of the “counter”, I offer informative content on the blog and podcast, along with introductions to jewelers and designers who create the jewelry you want.