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California Girl Jewelry
California Girl Jewelry
R. Simantov

Hand carved from obsidian, and nested in 18kt gold and black enamel shank, the black panther ring features a platinum collar set with rubies and diamonds

Samantha Heavenly Vices

Samantha Jackson of Heavenly Vices

Tips to shop smart

Mary van der Aa’s Aria pendants

Gemologist, designer, and jeweler, Mary van der Aa is a featured guest on Jewelry Navigator Podcast and frequents my social media feeds with her stunning and unique jewelry.

Heavenly Vices Love Tokens

From Heavenly Vice’s Rebirth Collection, Love Token necklaces, with diamond halos-*see text description for more details, prices start at $1000

Hugo Kohl Jewelry

In the hub vault, Hugo explains the history of American’s jewelry industry.


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Julers Row

Ruler’s Row Gold Vermeil enamel ring with white topaz, $310, Sale $232.50

wade and willow fire agate ring

Wade and Willow fire agate ring nestled in a beautiful ring-worthy box, awaits its recipient – photo Wade and Willow Jewelry

CRASH Jewelry

Paws for Cause, Cuff and Engravable matching tag pet set bundle, $144

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