Jewelry Super Hero Spotlight

Every profession and arena has its super heroes. We entrust doctors with our health, mechanics with travel safety and teachers with education.
Jewelry will outlast vehicles, school years and health issues. We depend on jewelers to advise us on the upkeep and designs of our smallest treasures. Even though small, jewelry defines who and what is most important to us.

Combine the cornerstones of trust and integrity, add skill, creative talent and innovative design, and you have a Jewelry Super Hero.

Paul Bierker-Jewelry Super Hero of Paul Michael Design and Geek.Jewelry.


If there were Jewelry Super Hero trading cards, Paul Bierker, would be in the first release. Paul is the owner of Paul Michael Design, and Geek Dot Jewelry (

Blending Style and Statement for Unique, Lasting Jewelry

Balancing creative jewelry skills with tech and tools for unique designs are Paul’s super powers, but there’s more to this designer and his crew.

I visited Paul by phone to learn more about Paul Michael Design, and how he integrates business, community, and the latest design technologies all while navigating an online reach.

What he shared about his business principles and custom jewelry design should be an industry benchmark.

March to the Designs of a Custom Jeweler

A chameleon of an artist, Paul expanded his skills from his art and graphic design degree from SUNY into jewelry design and fabrication. After completing his BFA in Jewelry Design and Manufacturing, he added the Gemological Institute of America’s credentials of Diamond and Colored Gemstone certificates.

“Wrapped Around My Finger” is uniquely versatile, and can be worn two ways, and with your choice of stones.

He and his staff use 3D printing and CAD-CAM applications to ensure the precision of their custom jewelry. Paul is a strong proponent of keeping up with tech advancements, learning new tools and techniques that reach beyond traditional design boundaries.

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Paul proves his limitless versatility through his recognized fan based inspired jewelry from comic book super heroes and characters of popular science fiction movies, like Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

Take your pick from Paul Michael Design’s villain or super hero inspired signature custom jewelry.

harry potter jewelry

Customizing traditional jewelry, like engagement rings using customers’ existing stones and metal, are accommodated as standard requests.

Custom ring design with yellow or pink diamond center, trapezoid diamonds and halo, 6.90 ct total diamond wt.

rose gold ring with moonstone and diamonds

Rose gold ring, bezel set with cabochon moonstone, surrounded by a halo of diamonds, and beaded edge, Paul Michael Design.


An Authentic Hero

Guided by authentic sincerity, he and his staff take custom details and concepts to create jeweled realities.

Reviews echo how he fosters trust by accommodating client’s custom jewelry wishes, interests and budget parameters.

Creative Sustainability and Caring Causes

Besides being a champion for his customers and creativity, Paul creates a wake of positive influence in his community and  environment.

Located in Lawrenceville, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Paul Michael Design studio operates within several frameworks of sustainability.

Recently, Paul Michael Design was awarded with the Gold Certificate of Recognition for Southwestern Pennsylvania Sustainable Small Business.

The program is overseen by Champions for Sustainability, an organization helping small businesses put sustainability into action.

Through applications listed below, the studio and their manufacturing operations follow the highest standards, guidelines, and practices for sustainability, environmental conservation and protection.

  • proper disposal and recycling practices and procedures
  • recycles and refines precious metals onsite (especially impressive-most shops and jewelers send their recycled scrap out to refinery facilities)
  • offers alternatives to earth mined gemstones
  • will repurpose old jewelry into brand new pieces
  • uses energy saving and efficient appliances, tools and equipment

Giving Back From the Heart

With vested interest in his Pittsburgh community, Paul supports the Mario Lemieux Foundation which facilitates initiatives and programs to fund research for cancer, and to support families with children and young adults diagnosed with cancer.

The Trade Institute of Pittsburgh (TIP) is another cause Paul supports. TIP a non-profit organization whose programs provide training in trade skills following incarceration.

The Trade Institute of Pittsburgh and the TIPizza outdoor oven program

The TIPizza project is a working example of how The TIP reverberates their purpose beyond training. The project moves beyond to apply trades and skills learned by students in The TIP by building outdoor pizza ovens for non-profit programs that serve surrounding communities.

Along with contributing locally and regionally, Paul will work remotely to serve those who serve our country to design, create and deliver jewelry and engagement rings while deployed.

Video, courtesy of

A bonus criteria to be considered Jewelry Navigator Approved (JNA) is for the jeweler to give back beyond the purpose of their jewelry, which comes easy for Paul Michael Design.

What’s Next for This Jewelry Super Hero?

Between consulting with clients for custom jewelry and fulfilling orders, Paul and his staff have exciting, innovative jewelry designs up their cape sleeves.

Look for the release of his line of family crest and monogram rings, Crest and Clan. A distinguished line of jewelry to show your personal style with a nod to your family heritage, or other insignia celebrating who you are.

I’m especially excited for the release of this line, as men’s jewelry needs more love. A signet or family crest ring is an ageless piece, making it a great gift item for all occasions.

Circumnavigating the Globe for Jewelry Super Heroes

As Jewelry Navigator, it’s my quest to seek and find jewelry to celebrate our lives with unique jewelry to tell our stories.

Paul Michael Design goes beyond all jewelry expectations to fulfill jewelry designs that are unique on multiple levels.

Paul Bierker wears his cape well, and is certainly a Jewelry Super Hero we can count on for sequels of delightful jewelry designs and dedicated service.

A special thanks to Paul Bierker for taking time out of his jewelry super hero day to visit with me! I look forward to following and supporting him and his designs.

All photos featured in this post are from Paul Michael Design, Paul Michael Jewelry on Instagram, Geek.Jewelry, and; visit any of these sites for a custom or super hero piece of your own.


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