Minton Jewelry

Full time architect by day, jewelry designer by night and weekends, Emily Minton applies architecture design elements to create for her jewelry collections, MINTON.

MINTON jewelry follows rules for minimalism with designs that stand out with an edge, and are chic and modernistic.

Fun, affordable, and with a sophisticated style, MINTON jewelry transform easily from casual to professional, and day to evening wear.

Emily desings and crafts MINTON jewelry with 3D models in Baltimore, Maryland, then the jewlery is cast and finished in New York City.

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Emily applies concepts used to design buildings that inspire her Minton jewelry collections.

Not only is she the designer and founder of Minton, but she’s also the model and photographer!

You can hear more about Emil and her story on the Jewelry Navigator Podcast, Episode 25,  “The Architectural Jewelry of Minton with Architect and Jewelry Designer, Emily Minton”.

Emily Began Building Jewelry With Architecture

As an architecture graduate student, while her peers were designing buildings and bridges for their thesis projects, Emily’s plans were significantly smaller, but just as spectacular.

After getting the OK from her thesis advisor to use jewelry to interpret architectural design as her project, she sketched and cast jewelry in concrete.

Her original designs, like Bent Ring Wide, and Oval Ring Solid are the cornerstones of her collections.

Inspired by her grandmother, Patricia, many of Emily’s designs are named after her, like the Patricia Pedestal Ring, and the Patricia Band Ring.

*The MINTON logo and jewelry photos are copyright protected, and are used on Jewelry Navigator with the designer’s permission.