Night Sky Jewelry

With warmer weather on the way, night gazing at constellations is more bearable, but you only have to look as far as Patrick Mohs Jewelry Night Sky necklace and Skipping Stone pendants-because the diamonds glow-literally!!

Each Skipping Stone is set with diamonds that fluoresce (a natural phenomena that only a small percentage of diamonds exhibit).

The diamonds are arranged on the stones in the form of the night sky’s constellations. When exposed to ultraviolet light, like that of a black light, they fluoresce and look like the stars against a velvety night sky!

diamond necklace
Amazonite necklace with Skipping Stone, photo Patrick Mohs Jewelry

I met Patrick and his wife, Mary Kay at Metal and Smith.

They’re lovely, down to earth, and create an assortment of designs that appeal to a range of styles and ages.

You can see them in Baltimore this weekend (2/22-2/24) at the Craft Council Show at the Baltimore Convention Center, at 1 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD.

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