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Questions to Move Forward

June 13, 2020

I’ve always been one to watch and listen before reacting and responding.

In my latest Jewelry Navigator Podcast, “Questions to Move Forward”, I shared how I’ve been sorting my feelings toward racial bias, and how I intend to respond and move forward.

For me, this will include being more proactive in seeking out designers and business professionals of color to include on the podcast and feature across my platforms to share their work, perspective, and stories.

Inspiration of Color from Jewelry Navigator Podcast Library

Asia Nail, aka iRock Gems on Instagram, and Tonya Powell, founder of Pareure Jewelry, are two wonderful women who’ve been guests on Jewelry Navigator Podcast.

Asia Nail – iRock Gems

Asia Nail of iRock Gems
-image Asia Nail

Asia and I visited on Jewelry Navigator Podcast episode, “Asia Nail, of iRock Gems, Rocks Jewelry With a Passion for Diversity & Inclusion“.

Click below to hear a clip from Tonya’s podcast episode on Jewelry Navigator

Her passion to include everyone makes her one of the kindest and welcoming people in the jewelry industry, and is paving the way for diversity through her stories and social media contributions.

Tonya Powell, Founder of Pareure Jewelry

Click below to hear a clip from Tonya’s podcast episode on Jewelry Navigator

Tonya’s episode on Jewelry Navigator Podcast, “From Corporate Engineer to Full Time Jewelry Designer With Tonya Powell of Pareure”, encompasses the inspiration of what I hope to share in all episodes.

She explains in Jewelry Navigator Podcast how she integrates skills and concepts from her former engineering career into her jewelry designs and business.

Both Asia and Tonya are wise and kind, and graciously shared their stories on Jewelry Navigator Podcast, and I look forward to following and sharing their success with story updates and more.

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