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We use terms like retro and old school to describe obsolete traditions, styles, and technology.

Before TV, video, and texting, radio was one of the only ways to reach thousands of people.

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Families would gather around a box with tubes and knobs. Radio waves would invisibly transform into world and local news, mystery and adventure stories, comic hours, and children’s super hero narratives.

2019 Podcast Statistics

Attribution podcastinsights.com

Radio took a back seat to television, but remained a mainstay for on the go music and news.

Podcasts Are Bringing Audio Back

Flash forward, and now audio is reclaiming its influence through podcasts.

Podcast Insights released an update from Nielsen’s Quarter 1 2018 report, by Ross Winn.

The infographic below touches on basic statistics on the growth of podcasts.
For more, see the entire article at Podcast Insights, “2019 Podcast Stats & Facts”.

You can learn so much on a podcast.

I love sharing jewelry information and designers’ stories on Jewelry Navigator.
And so far, there have been over 4600 downloads!

I’ve been listening to podcasts for a while now. Most of my interest has been in entrepreneurship and small business help.

Some of my favorite podcasts are The Fizzle Show, Courage and Clarity, with Steph Crowder, Boss Girl Creative, with Taylor Bradford, and Getting Curious With Johathan Van Ness.

If you’re a podcast fan, what do you listen to?
Isn’t it exciting to know you can learn and expand your horizons on the go!

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