Tracy Trainor Sculpts Motion & Life Into Wearable Jewelry Art

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Tracy Trainor became a jewelry designer and maker after meandering across the globe with her family.

Tracy’s jewelry designs are inspired from her formative years in Japan, to the countryside of Ireland, where she currently resides.

Tracy’s In Flight Cocktail Ring captures the majestic spirit of strength, beauty and freedom in her patinated sterling silver sculpture.

What captured my attention with Tracy’s jewelry is the movement she coaxes from wax carving, to casting, down to the convincing texture of her jewelry art.

When challenged to make a butterfly ring unique to her aesthetic and creativity, she crafted a 3-dimensional butterfly that appears to be taking flight from one’s finger, complete with subtle veining in its wings, to slight wind adjustments.

I’m delighted to share Tracy’s story on Jewelry Navigator Podcast, and happy to share that her jewelry will be featured in Milan Jewelry week in the prestigious Artistar Jewels Show October 24-27.

Where to Find Tracy Trainor Jewellery

You can find Tracy’s jewelry on her website, as well as on Facebook, and Instagram.

Be sure to keep watching my Instagram feed for posts sharing Tracy’s jewelry, including personalized photos of her Equus horse pendant with me!

Want to See Behind the Scenes?

Also, do you like to know how jewelry like Tracy’s is created?

On Tracy Trainor’s Instagram feed, she often shares behind the scenes while creating a piece of her jewelry, as well as explaining the processes she uses.

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