Virtual Trunk Show With Crash Jewelry Made From Luxury Cars-Wheels Up!

Wheels Up with a Virtual Trunk Show With Crash Jewelry

About a year ago, I came across this really cool line of jewelry made in an auto body shop that repairs high performance and luxury cars in Los Angeles, called CRASH Jewelry.

Inspired to use the parts left from repairs in her husband’s body shop, Christi Schempke learned to coax parts from cars like Ferraris, Maseratis, Bentleys, BMW, Lamborghini, into jewelry that’s beautiful and intriguing.
That was the beginning of her jewelry business, CRASH Jewelry!

The central stone is crafted from “Fordite,” or “Detroit Agate,” a stone made from layers upon layers of cured auto-paint. The layers of dried car paint eventually build up into a chunk of “rough,” which is then cut and polished into cabochons filled with swirling kaleidoscopes of color. Made of bronze metal, 20 mm round. -Crash Jewelry, $110

In the video below, Christi shares more about her jewelry and journey with CRASH Jewelry.

Own A Piece Of Your Dream Car – Jewelry Made From Luxury Cars

Do you dream (or know someone who dreams) of owning a #Ferrari, #Porsche, #Mercedes, #Maserati or a #Bentley but the price tag crushes your dream? We feel your pain. Until your dream #car rolls into your driveway you can own a piece of your favorite #luxury car and wear it every day. Click to find your dream car – are located in Los Angeles, California and work at a local luxury body shop. Each piece we make is handmade and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Using innovation to create sustainable jewelry, CRASH Jewelry transforms up-cycled luxury car parts into beautiful jewelry you can feel good about wearing. Click To Tweet


This is just a sample from their wide selection of jewelry; to see everything CRASH Jewelry makes, visit their website and online store at

CRASH Jewelry has as much heart as style with how they give back to charities, community and causes.

Among the worthy causes Christi supports with the help of CRASH Jewelry are Feral Cat Caretakers’ Coalition, The Rescue Train, Action Against Hunger, American Heart Association, Artists for Charity, National Breast Cancer Organization, National Kidney Foundation, Raising A Reader, The Sea Shepherd, and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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