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Jewelry Navigator started out as a blog to celebrate unique jewelry, and an informative guide for shoppers.

I've been following and featuring hard working independent jewelers and designers who make and create jewelry outside conventional trends.

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In March, 2018, I launched the Jewelry Navigator Podcast, and have recorded multiple episodes.

Some episodes share helpful jewelry information, others feature designers and trade specialists.

You can subscribe to the podcast for on the go jewelry info, and hear the stories of the designers I feature on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play Music.


With each podcast, I publish a coordinating blog with photos of jewelry, gems, and designers featured in the podcast.

Often, blog posts are published to celebrate a designer's birthday, or to share exciting jewelry news.


Many of the designers featured on the podcast are now featured in Jewelry Navigator's Ambassador Shop. I'm honored and proud to be featuring them, and I hope you take time to learn about them, look at their jewelry, and consider shopping from the selections.

As an ambassador anchor, the shop features Shop Galleries for each designer highlighting some of their best designs.

The featured jewlery images in the Shop Galleries share details and prices for each item.
Easy shopping access is available by clicking on the jewelry items in the Shop Galleries.


Feel free to reach out to me on any of the social media platforms I frequent.
To reach me directly, my email is brenna@jewelrynavigator.com.

Visit the “About” page to learn more about my background.

I'm here to guide shoppers to uniqe jewelry, and to support the designers who create it.

Thank you for stopping by, and please explore the blog, podcast and shop!

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